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The EPA SSOAP Toolbox for Sanitary and Combined Sewer Modeling


Adam Rose, P.E., GISP, Water and Sewer Products Manager for North America, provides a view into the EPA SSOAP Toolbox's functions as well as how it can assist xpswmm modelers.

Part 1: Review of the EPA SSOAP Toolbox

The EPA SSOAP Toolbox [link] is a small, powerful tool that assists users with quantifying rainfall derived inflow and infiltration (RDII).  In our first tutorial of a 2-part series, Adam provides a guided review of the major functions and workflow of the tool that is suitable for any user.

Part 2:  Extending the EPA SSOAP Toolbox

This second video extends the first video by providing workflow tools to connect xpswmm (a fully dynamic, powerful hydrologic and hydraulic model used for sanitary and combined sewer modeling [link]) with SSOAP. This is suitable for xpswmm users who are looking to enhance their modeling capabilities or for power SSOAP users looking to connect to external data sources.

Questions?  Feel free to contact Adam.  Call 1-888-554-5022 or email

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