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Tutorial Video Series: Detailed xpdrainage

Join Green Infrastructure Design Products Manager, Zach Sample, P.E., for a three-part tutorial series on how to create, modify and review sustainable drainage system models with xpdrainage. This series will demonstrate the ease with which you can create plans and designs, how you can ensure without question that your stormwater controls are appropriate and correctly designed, and how to convey easy-to-understand results to constituents or reviewers. 

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Detailed xpdrainage Recorded Webinars:

Model Creation

This is the first in a three-part series on how to create, modify and review sustainable drainage systems with xpdrainage. This installment takes a look at time saving ways to establish a new project and to quickly tackle drainage planning and early design estimates.

48:08 minutes

Runoff Reduction & Sizing

Explore the use of automated Runoff Reduction facility sizing techniques to establish an initial capacity for treatment system on site and further refinement by assessing a range of rainfall events.

36:57 minutes

Reports & Reviewing

Learn how to review Green Infrastructure designs and how xpdrainage can be used to efficiently communicate adequate treatment of stormwater runoff.

36:11 minutes