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xpswmm Tutorial: Processing 2D Results


In this Recorded Webinar, Tony Kuch, MSc, walks you through the processing of 1D/2D Modeling Results. Become more efficient at finding the information you need. This will benefit those who currently use xpswmm or xpstorm, as well as those who would like to learn more about the process in these programs. You will see:

  • A quick look at 1D results in xptables, Animations, and the lesser known Quick Data View, Spatial Reports and Graphical Encoding
  • 2D Flood Maps and detail display
  • xp2D Utility Interface
  • Map export to GIS and CSV
  • Time Series Outputs and Animations
  • Post Processing of 2D Results
  • User Defined Hazards.

Anthony Kuch, MSc, VP Client Services

CLICK HERE to view the PowerPoint slides used in this presentation.

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