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2D Modelling Series

Over the past several months, XP Solutions and Bill Syme (the maker of the xp2D engine), have presented three webinars for those interested in a more detailed view of 2D Modelling with xp2D. You are invited to watch the whole series here:

Part 1: Modelling with Different Cell Sizes CLICK HERE TO WATCH

2D Modelling across large areas at high levels of detail can be computer intensive and time consuming. Defining multiple 2D grids with different cell sizes can significantly reduce model run times by allowing large cells to be used where fine detail is not required, such as large open rural areas, and smaller cells where more detail is needed, such as in urban areas. In this webinar we have invited guest speaker Bill Symeto share his knowledge of 2D modelling approaches where different grid sizes are beneficial, and how to set up these models for optimum results.

Part 2: Structures in Floodplains CLICK HERE TO WATCH

2D models with bridges, levees and buildings can be complicated and time-consuming.

Do you know when you should model a bridge in 1D or 2D? Or both?
Do you know how to include buildings in the floodplain?

Once again, expert 2D modeler, Bill Syme, joins us to help us through the tricky theory of 2D models.

Part 3: 2D Modelling with Direct Rainfall CLICK HERE TO WATCH

In this third and final installment, we take a look at the direct rainfall approach or “rain on grid”. This approach is often used as an alternative to catchment based, 1D hydrological modeling and is increasing in popularity. This webinar will help you improve your skills and understanding of 2D modeling by learning when to take this popular approach and what key issues need to be considered. We will also explore the implications for roughness and infiltration when applying rainfall directly onto the 2D domain.

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