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xpswmm/xpstorm 2016 Tutorial Series

New xpswmm/xpstorm 2016 offers many new tools to users, and we want to make sure you get the best use out of them.  Tony Kuch, VP Client Services and Adam Rose, Sewer Products Manager, offer this short series of tutorial videos that will help to increase your efficiency in using these new features.

Watch any of the following videos here:

Model Creation Tutorials:

This short tutorial video will discuss how to use the new orifice area calculation tool.

6:12 minutes

This video will discuss how to set initial elevations, a new feature in xpswmm or xpstorm version 2016.

9:13 minutes

This tutorial will discuss how to use default templates to save time building models in xpswmm or xpstorm version 2016.

7:25 minutes

This Xpertorial will discuss how and why to assign catchments to nodes in new xpswmm or xpstorm version 2016.

9:50 minutes

Sewer & Sewershed Tutorials:

This Xpertorial will discuss importing information to create sewer sheds and assigning multiple Dry Weather Flows in xpswmm 2016.

14:58 minutes

This webinar recording will discuss new plan view markup tools including Spatial Reports, Graphical Encoding and Quick Data View in xpswmm or xpstorm version 2016.

6:34 minutes

Results Options Tutorials:

Learn how to export an image with a georeferenced world file from xpswmm and xpstorm v2016. Also see the different options for 2D diagnostic messages.

9:50 minutes

This recorded webinar clip details how xpswmm & xpstorm 2016 allow direct use of project units in the 2D calculations, and so how to create ESRI Grid Files from 2D results.

11:43 minutes

This tutorial video describes new model evaluation tools in version 2016, specifically how to evaluate the difference between two model results.

8:00 minutes

This brief tutorial shows how to use the 2D Difference Animation feature in xpswmm/xpstorm version 2016.

4:42 minutes