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Webinars are XP Solutions' way of reaching out to discuss not only the tools we design, but the hot topics in water collection in our present world. Both XP Solutions expert engineers, as well as our partners and users present information that is both pertinent and useful to the industries they serve.

XP-Live Webinars provide an opportunity for experts in their fields to offer demonstrations in concepts and practices in design, modeling, planning, reviewing and more. XPertorials are shorter webinars that provide tips and tricks for using XP Solutions software products.

As webinars air, they are recorded and posted here for future viewing.  You can sort by discipline below or simply browse available titles below.  Each page contains resources used in the webinar.

Our media library is extensive.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please use the filter below.

Detailed XPDRAINAGE Part 3: Reports & Reviewing


This is the third in a three-part series on how to create, modify and review sustainable drainage systems with xpdrainage. This installment shows how to review Green Infrastructure designs and how xpdrainage can be used to efficiently communicate adequate treatment of stormwater runoff.


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Integrated Flood Management with xpstorm by Peter Coombs and Tom Fox

Intro to xpstorm presented by Michael Crenshaw, P.E., CFM and Tom Fox

Modeling Extreme Events presented by Zach Sample

Dam/Levee Breach Modeling presented by Colby Manwaring, P.E.

HEC-RAS to XP 1D/2D presented by Zach Sample

Continuous Simulation presented by Anthony Kuch, MSc

Water Quality 101 presented by Bob Carr, P.E., CSM

Intro to xpwspg and WSPG2010 presented by Michael Crenshaw, P.E., CFM