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Working Together to Transform our Industry


by Greg Kowalsky
VP North American Operations

I recently joined XP Solutions as Vice President Americas.  I’m excited to lead a team dedicated to water resources and advancing the industry with leading software tools.  There is a strong desire at XP to make a real difference in the world with the work we do.  We recognize that we can only have a positive impact on water resources if we improve the efficiency or capability of our engineering customers.  This requires a strong partnership with our users.  One of my goals at XP Solutions is to advance an already strong partnership and further develop the two-way dialogue to speed the enhancement of our products.  

Previous to XP Solutions, I spent a decade focused on stormwater and developing progressive solutions to meet evolving regulations.  During this time the progression of LID advanced and is now common practice. One area that hasn’t kept pace with this evolution is design tools for Civil Engineers working at the site level.  Many of our customers still use basic programs, CAD modules, or local calculators based on Excel to aid the design process.   While engineers have several options for modeling flood and stormwater for larger watersheds, these tools aren’t focused on site design and meeting stormwater regulations associated with land development. 

XP Solutions has been providing design tools for civil engineers in the United Kingdom for years.  We are also experts at stormwater and 2D urban flood modeling.  We are very excited to match these two capabilities with xpdrainage, our automated stormwater design tool to aid civil engineers doing site design on land development projects.  We want to transform the industry and provide a powerful, flexible tool that shortens the design cycle, integrates with CAD and GIS, and provides the right data to meet regulatory requirements that continue to evolve. 

xpdrainage 2016.2 will be released this summer and we have several new features that will allow engineers to design faster, more accurately, and to quickly adapt to project changes.  But we're not done.  In fact, we’ll never be done. This is where the partnership with our customers comes in.  We want our customers to participate in the future of xpdrainage and help transform the site design process along the way.  We are forming an xpdrainage Customer Advisory Team to provide key input and help steer future capabilities.  Here is what we are looking for:

  • Civil engineers active in land development and stormwater BMP design
  • Thought leaders and practice leaders that have a passion for water resources
  • Visionary people that want to help shape the future of design software
  • Have 30 minutes a month to provide feedback in a group conference call  

You’ll be part of a team that has direct input to the xpdrainage Product Manager for future feature enhancements, gets a first look at new releases ... and we can probably provide some XP swag from time to time! 

If you want to join this team, or work with someone who you think would be a good fit, please email

We look forward to hearing from the engineers that want to help shape the future of stormwater site design!

Thank you,

Greg Kowalsky

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