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Road/Site Design

Architects, engineers and CAD specialists all have a role to play in road design projects – they want to work together effectively and efficiently. And they need to work closely with those who are designing other site features, including structures and utilities.

XP Solutions software puts the professionals firmly in control of road design. They can quickly evaluate options for road, intersection and roundabout layout.

Our Solutions:

  • Support full 3D design with simultaneous plan, profile and 3D views
  • Produce comprehensive road designs using the intuitive logic system
  • Exploit 2D and 3D survey data
  • Provide intuitive layout of full horizontal and vertical design
  • Incorporate underground utilities, grading and earthworks
  • Integrate with other CAD software
  • Yield full BIM designs ready for sharing
  • Increase the efficiency of the design process

“My team and I were blown away by the demonstration of what the xpsite3D software can do. We had to mute our side of the conversation just to make sure the presenter did not hear our “awww’s” and excitement.”
- Adzari Ja’afar, Jumin Marsal Perunding