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Sustainable stormwater practices to reduce runoff and enhance environmental quality continue to increase in importance around the world.  With changing regulations at the federal and municipal levels, tight development sites and changing stakeholder objectives, stormwater design can be a challenging yet crucial field of work.

Additionally, the approaches to sustainable stormwater design vary widely -- from spreadsheets with local requirements for BMPs to outdated software tools to intricate and rarely used enterprise solutions.  So which approach is correct?  When it comes down to it, designers of these systems are generally concerned with three things:

  • providing a design that works and that will be accepted by the client or supervisor
  • completing the project as quickly as possible
  • earning the next job (if you are a consultant)

Regardless of format for the required deliverable, don't you want a tool that will help you accomplish these three goals in every project?


What customers say about using XP Solutions for stormwater design:

xpdrainage works very well with our work flow for our engineering style projects evaluating hydraulics for design and on to construction plan preparation. Water Quality is an added benefit in the same package without having to use another model to evaluate effectiveness of bmp’s and treatment. We like xpdrainage and found it overall gave us good results, was easy to get up to speed and in one package gave the data needed for BMP and plan design/construction documents.

-Larry Fluty, PhD, PE, D.WRE, Service Group Manager, Cardno



  • Where can I place my stormwater BMPs so that they make the best use of the development site's natural terrain?
  • How can I be sure that the ponds or trenches I design in Excel work in a 3 dimensional space?
  • How do I clearly communicate my design to others in my team or to my clients?
  • How do I connect stormwater controls to find the overall effect of my treatment train on the site?


  • Allow you to view the site and natural flow patterns in order to place stormwater BMPs in the most effective areas.  
  • Automatically size your sustainable stormwater networks based on the needs of your project, cutting hours off your project time.
  • Provide a variety of visualizations and table view to make sure you can easily and clearly communicate the intention and function of your design to all involved.
  • Allow the mitigation of both water quantity and water quality