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Free WSPG 2010

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works requested that XP Solutions create a free version of the Water Surface Pressure Gradient software to replace the previous DOS version.  This version is available here for download and provides a new easier graphical user interface and branched networks.

Note:  The WSPG 2010 software is free.  Therefore, technical support is not included for this product.  Some common questions have been answered on our WSPG FAQ page.  The xpwspg add-on module and the xpwspg standalone program are both fully supported.

Please fill out the following information.  Once all information is submitted, you will be re-directed to a page where you can download the software and all supporting files.

WSPG 2010 Software Download Request

Completing the form below will take you to the download page for WSPG 2010.   Once it is installed, please be sure to register your software with XP Solutions to ensure that it will run beyond the initial 3 days.

The proprietary version of WSPG, XP Solutions' xpwspg, includes time-saving features beyond what the free version can do including the ModRAT Hydrology, Digital Terrain Model, Plan View and Profile Plots, Spatial Reports, Scenario Management and more.  Please let us know if you wouuld be interested in knowing more.